NutriStyle Privacy Policy

At NutriStyle, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality nutritional information in an
environment of privacy and security. This Privacy Policy will tell you what information is collected about
you at our website and how we protect that information. It will also explain what choices you have about
how your information is used. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully so that you understand how your
information is collected, protected and used. By using the NutriStyle site, you agree to the terms of this
Privacy Policy.

NutriStyle may provide public forums such as chat rooms, blogs, online discussions or bulletin boards for its
members use. Please be advised that any information that you disclose in such locations is not protected
by this Privacy Policy. Also, if you access a third party site from a link on NutriStyle, any information you
disclose at that third party site is not protected by this Privacy Policy.


Registration. Certain information is required as part of the registration process, including name, email
address, zip code and date of birth. This is called personally identifiable information (PII). When you visit our
site, NutriStyle collects only that PII that you provide to us. When PII is combined with information on your
health or medical status, it is referred to as "personal health information".
Cookies. As part of offering its service, NutriStyle uses cookies. A cookie is a small amount of information
passed between a web site and the web browser on your computer. A cookie helps your browser remember
specific information that the web server can later retrieve. NutriStyle uses cookies to store session
information when you log in.

NutriStyle is committed to protecting the privacy of children. This website is not designed nor intended to
attract children under the age of 18. The parent or guardian of such child will be responsible for creating and
maintaining the child’s Profile.


NutriStyle may provide to third parties non-personal information about you that does not allow you to
be identified or contacted and that is combined with the non-personal information of others (aggregated
information). For example, NutriStyle might inform a third party about the percentage of its users that

engages in regular exercise or that are vegetarians. NutriStyle may charge third parties for such information.
NutriStyle does not restrict third parties use of aggregated information, except that it requires third parties to
agree that they will not attempt to identify individuals within the aggregated information by combining it with
other information.


Except as set forth in this Privacy Policy, or as specifically agreed to by you, NutriStyle will not disclose
any personal information it gathers from you on our website. In certain circumstances, NutriStyle may be
required to disclose personal information to comply with valid legal requirements, such as governmental
regulations, search warrants, subpoenas or court orders or in an emergency situation.
The only entities that will have access to your personal health information are NutriStyle and any third
parties hired by NutriStyle to assist us in operating, maintaining and improving NutriStyle. These third parties
are required by us to maintain the confidentiality of your information and may not use it in any manner
except in fulfillment of their responsibilities to NutriStyle.


NutriStyle uses passwords to authenticate users before granting access to personal information, and uses
role-based security to ensure that only authorized persons can access information on our servers. We also
use firewalls to protect information held in our servers.

NutriStyle uses sophisticated technology to minimize the potential risk that hackers may find a way to thwart
our security system. As you know, however, there is always some risk that an unauthorized third party may
find a way to override our security system or that transmissions over the Internet will be intercepted.

A limited number of NutriStyle employees are authorized to access your personal information. All NutriStyle
employees must abide by this Privacy Policy and those who violate it are subject to disciplinary action, up to
and including termination.


From time to time, you may be given the option of receiving informational emails or newsletters regarding
a particular health or wellness issue, or relevant product information that affects you or in which you have
expressed an interest. If you wish to receive these, you will be given the opportunity to opt in. You can
unsubscribe from these services at any time. You may also be given the opportunity to opt in to receive
emails or newsletters from third parties or to participate in marketing surveys and other activities. You may
unsubscribe from these services at any time.


You may at any time correct, update or review information you previously submitted to NutriStyle. If you
wish to remove information previously provided to NutriStyle from our databases, please contact us at

NutriStyle backs up your data to prevent inadvertent loss. This means that your personal information may
exist in backup media. It is not possible to remove each and every record of the information that you have
provided to NutriStyle. Upon receiving your request, all personal information stored in active databases and
other readily searchable media will be removed so that you cannot be identified or associated with it.


If you have complaint or problem regarding privacy, please contact us by email at Our customer service staff will forward your email to the appropriate
department for resolution.


In the event that we make significant changes to our Privacy Policy, we will notify you by email of the

change and obtain your opt-in consent to any such change. We may also make non-significant changes
that generally will not affect our use of your personal information. You generally will not be notified of such
changes. We urge you to check this posted Privacy Policy periodically for any changes. If you do not agree
to the terms of this Privacy Policy or any revised policy, you are not authorized to use the site.